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Hamilton Logo smallA community forum was held at the White Eagle Conference Center on March 25, under the leadership of the Partnership for Community Development (PCD), the Hamilton Initiative, Town of Hamilton Supervisor Eve Ann Shwartz and Village of Hamilton Mayor Margaret Miller. The goal of the forum was to generate creative ideas supporting economic development of the Hamilton area as well as identifying current and future housing needs for all area residents.

In an atmosphere of innovative thinking and excitement, more than 40 participants, representing a broad cross-section of local backgrounds and interests, generated lists of ideas, then prioritized them by assessing their potential impact.

A summary of the lists is below for your examination, consideration and feedback. If you have an idea that doesn’t seem to be represented, please share it with us. If you’re particularly enthusiastic about one or more of the listed ideas, please let us know which one(s). And, most importantly, if you believe you could be helpful in the implementation of any of the proposed ideas, your willingness to participate will be most welcome!  Please email us at or call 315-825-3537.

After we get feedback from the community at large, our next step will be to translate the higher-priority ideas into “action plans” in order to assess their feasibility. As the process moves forward, we will be diligent about keeping the entire community informed on a timely basis.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (with rankings by participants):

Development of Airport/Airpark

  • Incubator
    • To incorporate Thought Into Action (15)
    • Use successes as models (Good Nature Farm Brewery, Kriemhild Dairy Farms)
    • Incubator kitchen (4)
  • Municipal broadband (4)
  • Attract Colgate Alumni and HCS alumni (1)
    • Market as potential business owners to fill in airpark
    • Tap interest/ideas (3)
  • Chip fab support (1)
  • Tech companies – StartUpNY
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drone
  • Medical/3D printing
  • Rotary Breakfast
  • Other Fly-in Airshow
  • 5K Run/Walk
  • Outside Promotion
  • Consider tax vs. non-tax
  • Financing options

Promote tourism in Hamilton (9)

  • Food hub (8)
  • Kid-oriented activities – destination for parents with children (7)
  • Arts and culture destination (6)
  • Agri-tourism (5)
    • brewery, cheese, maple syrup
    • Farm days attracted from 22 states
    • Farm to table (i.e. Nelson Farms)
  • Make Hamilton a more walkable community (1)
    • Grocery store in Village (3)
    • Improve parking/infrastructure (2)
  • Colgate ski hill (2)
  • Promote Village of Hamilton (1)
    • Place to live
    • Retirees
    • Arts/Center for Art and Culture
    • Palace Theater
    • Colgate
  • Antiques
  • Bakery
  • Golf course
  • Diner/pop-up restaurant
  • Hydroponic
  • Community wide garage sale
  • Ethnic restaurants
  • Festivals – tie into existing businesses
    • Winter
    • Council to coordinate
  • Year-round farmers market
    • Utilize Eaton Street pavilion
    • Milford Street – basket factory (summer – rent for events)
  • Revive Americana Village
  • Historic tours
  • Brewery tours
  • Promote recreational uses
    • Bike, walk, run, triathlon
  • Cultural tourism
    • Library, bookstore, Center for Art and Culture, Earlville Opera House, Picker Museum, Palace Theater, Geology Museum, Hamilton Center for the Arts, Vislab, performing arts

Market Hamilton (6)

  • Smartphone app (2)
  • Interactive map and business locater in center of town (1)
  • Get more “feet on the street”
  • Syracuse, Rochester – day trips
  • Market to downstate--CT, NYC, Boston--for weekend trips
  • Regional marketing initiatives
  • Local currency
  • Increase Sunday traffic
  • Outreach to Colgate Alums
    • Quirky incentives

Improve Village infrastructure/Services (2)

  • Cruiser community-wide (3)
  • Parking, signage and expansion at Village office (1)
  • Greenery (1)
  • Water main
  • Funding resources
  • Provides incentive to new development
  • Traffic calming
  • Sidewalk public space
  • Outdoor eating
  • Improve alleys
  • Building accents
    • Lighting
    • Plants
  • 5-Way intersection – partial?
  • More business-friendly Village government
  • Broadband
  • Community center
  • Zoning change – density

Business Attraction Incentives

  • Promote quality of life
    • Schools
    • Hospital (2)
    • Culture
  • Tri-lateral investment bank (1)
  • Provide business development assistance (1)
  • Tax relief
  • Utilities
  • New businesses – help them to know target market

Develop secondary business districts (1)

  • Wayne’s Market/Laundromat
  • Milford St.
  • Oneida Savings Bank/Colgate property
  • Village Courthouse
  • Byrne Dairy

Promote services to enhance economic development

  • Uber transport
  • Concierge services
  • Develop more home based businesses
  • Capitalize on underemployed skills
  • Revive American Management Association
  • Businesses double up to survive
  • Use of international students
  • Understand population
    • Resident
    • Transient

Provide Vocational training

  • Integrate BOCES, Morrisville, Colgate, Hamilton Central School District
  • Workforce
  • Hospitality training for tourism


  • Develop healthcare options for aging demographic
  • Use regional approach toward economic development (Regional Economic Development Council)
  • Community based business development
  • Education /Outreach
    • Nutrition
    • Wellness
    • Exercise


Single Family/Young professional

  • Rental market for young professionals (high demand)
  • Identify product and demographic
  • Revisit Raider Ranch idea (relationship with the Town of Madison)
  • Colgate – faculty incentives (i.e. low interest loans) – extend to staff?
  • Affordable townhouses (new construction or converting existing townhouses)
  • Identify grant sources/financing
    • First time homebuyer incentives
  • Affordable
  • Variety
    • Starter
    • Duplex
    • Outside of village/rural landscape
  • Convert student housing
    • Convert Colgate properties (tear down/rebuild)
    • redevelop South campus townhouses


  • Expansion of Madison Lane for low to moderate income demographic
  • Private development of senior loving community for higher income seniors
  • Assisted living with village community
  • Mixed ages – change laws to discourage non-occupied (or limited) homes
  • Master plan from Village/Town
  • Begins process of chain reaction
  • Start small with development
  • Aging in place services
    • In Greene, there is a faith-based group that helps with maintenance
  • Variety
    • Single family
    • Condo
    • Apartment
    • Independent
    • Assisted
    • Extended care (Eden alternative)
  • Join current conversations
  • Learn from other models (Pathfinder Village; group houses)
  • Bring/blend community with senior housing (“Y” concept)
  • Helps hospital if provides home care for those who stay in home


  • Where will they live, what number should live downtown
    • Reduction downtown
    • Concentration in core
    • Maintain apartments above Lebanon/Broad storefronts
  • Balance
  • Collaboration among Village, Town, Colgate
  • Transparency
  • Zoning changes to control where they live
  • Incentive for current landlords to rent to non-students        

Developable areas

  • Oneida Savings Bank/Colgate property
  • Eaton Street
  • Madison Street
  • Spring Street
  • Lebanon Street
  • Townhouses
  • Wayne’s Market
  • Five Trees


  • Utilities
  • Annexation
  • Money
  • No developers yet – why? Talk.
  • Village government
  • Taxes
  • Economic equation (cost/income)
  • Need flexible zoning (higher density)


  • Young faculty
  • Colgate staff
  • Alumni retirees and other seniors
  • Block grants
  • Rehabilitation of housing outside the Village
    • Poolville
    • Hubbardsville
    • Earlville
  • Town/Village partner w/developer
  • Colgate Partner
  • Increasing the size of the Village via annexation
  • Invest in infrastructure (water, sewer, electric, garbage, etc.)
  • Increasing density via zoning changes
    • Limited use of accessory buildings (boarder/apt) to help w/cost of ownership
    • Walkability
  • Revolving loan fund
    • Purchase and rehab
    • Educational component