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Naturopathic Resources is all about what the healing power of nature can do for you. We offer nutrition consultations, supplement regimens, medical massage, structural integration, therapeutic clay packs for old scar trauma interference fields, acupressure, and gas discharge visualization scans.

Now in its second generation, Naturopathic Resources is more than ever excited and passionate to provide holistic therapies that really work. Naturopathic Resources strives to embrace the latest scientific discoveries while maintaining our commitment to understanding the fundamental laws of nature.

Luke Marshall, MSACN, LMT owner operator is passionate about holistic health and enabling clients to achieve their optimal wellness goals. He graduated with honors from two Suny Morrisville programs – health promotion & human performance, and massage therapy. He then continued on to earn his master’s degree in applied clinical nutrition from New York Chiropractic College. For over a decade, Luke has been working with clients at his holistic practice, Naturopathic Resources, where he provides a comprehensive array of holistic therapies.

Our philosophy embraces immutable natural laws and forces in nature. We view the natural healing process as structured, ordered, intelligent, and that your body has an inherent ability to restore itself to health as well as defend itself against sickness. Natural health laws known as the Laws of Direction of Cure have been tested for thousands of years and their scientific validity have been conclusively demonstrated. Yet, at the same time, natural health laws are minimally understood in the modern world!

Our natural health programs work with the organizing power of nature and are designed according to the rhythms and cycles of nature. Naturopathic protocols add continuity, focus, and clarity to your daily life.

Let us help you experience your own nature.